End of Season Flat Sale at ONE

End of Season Flat Sale at ONE

Winter in Pakistan is about to end and as we all know what that means. Yes, end of season men and ladies clothes sale! Not just any sale but a Flat sale at that. Now you can buy the most fashionable clothes from your favorite brand โ€“ ONE, with the best prices. No need to empty your wallets for exceptionally fashionable clothing because we have got you covered. ONE is no ordinary brand, itโ€™s one of the most famous brands in Pakistan for streetwear. Dress the most fashionable way possible without compromising comfort and quality in this fashion sale.

In this article, we will talk about a few clothing available in this sale so you get a better idea about it. Who knows you might find something you like and choose to buy it for yourself or your loved ones? Keep in mind that these best deals online shopping will not last forever and will eventually end so before it does avail these discounts while you can.

Casual and Women Activewear Sale

Beige Zipper Styled Upper For 30% Off

This upper in zipper style is available in a beige color at an astonishing 30% off. The fabric is extremely comfortable and long-lasting as the fitting is perfect for your size. You can add a pair of beige track pants to complete the tracksuit look. Avail of this discount womens clothing right now!

Beige Trackpants for 30% Off

As mentioned above, you can match these pants with the beige upper to complete your tracksuit. The comfortable and breathable fabric is perfect for jogging as the waist belt makes it tightly secured. Furthermore, you can finish the outfit with Animal Print Shoes Golden and Beige. Get these pants in the ONE fashion sale as soon as possible.

Animal Print Shoes Golden and Beige for 50% Off

These sporty shoes are perfect to wear with your beige tracksuit. The firm structure of the shoes and the sporty look with animal print is the perfect thing you need for your next workout.

Printed Sweatshirt Yellow 30% Off

Nothing is more fashionable than a bright-colored yellow sweatshirt. Itโ€™s the perfect thing to wear in the winter because winter clothes can get very boring. However, with this sweatshirt, you can always be the center of attention. If you love this sweatshirt then this women activewear sale is just for you.

Printed Track Pants Yellow 30% Off

How can wear a sweatshirt and not wear matching yellow pants? Pair these track pants with your yellow printed sweatshirt and complete your whole casual and comfortable outfit. Buy these yellow pants from ONEโ€™s ladies clothes sale today!

Maroon and White Faux Leather Jacket 70% OFF!

Itโ€™s near impossible to find a faux leather jacket of such high quality for such a cheap price. Make some space in your wardrobe for this beautiful jacket because it's a stealer. Buy it while you can because it is a rare find.

Flat sale on Menโ€™s Clothing

Grey Zipper Hoodie 30% Off

This grey zipper hoodie is premium quality as it provides the most comfortable wearing experience. The embroidered motif adds to the premium feel as the grey color provides an earthy tone to your look. Wear this hoodie with our Basic grey sweatpants.

Basic Track Pants Grey 30% Off

These sweatpants are the perfect match for your grey hoodie as the stretchy fabric provides ease of mobility and style. Enjoy these amazingly comfortable sweatpants with an astonishing discount of 30%. Styling up hasnโ€™t been this cheaper, you can find clothes just like this in ONEโ€™s men clothes sale.

One x Zalmi Sweatshirt 30% Off

Great news for cricket fans. ONE brings you a collaboration with Zalmi! Get your Zalmi merch today just like this rocking black and a yellow sweatshirt. No need to spend all your money on merch because this merch is all on sale just for you.

Sleeveless Polyester Jacket 60% Off

Are you tired of being cold while trying to look good, this winter? Then stop suffering and buy this stylish sleeveless jacket on sale. The hood and insulating fabric are sure to keep you warm while saving you 60% Off. Just pay 40% and own this beautiful jacket today! Best deals online shopping, avail them right now as soon as you can.

Aviator Jacket Dark Green 60% Off

The raised warm collar tightened cuffs, and closed waistline distinguishes aviator coats. The original leather flight jacket has evolved into a fashionable and necessary element of a man's wardrobe. Because of its simple attractiveness and wearability, the military aviator jacket is now worn casually. Get this jacket right now in ONEโ€™s men jacket sale!

Plain Shirt Teal 50% Offย 

Isn't it true that we all enjoy wearing casual shirts? A casual shirt is comfy, easy to maintain, and may help you boost your appearance without much effort if worn correctly. This dress shirt is perfect for you if you want to go for that formal look. Get it right now for half the price in men polo sale.

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