Loyalty Program

How do I join the Loyalty Club Card Program?

  • On the purchase of Rs. 5,000 or more from our stores customers will qualify for membership of ONE Loyalty Club Card Program.
  • To register with our Loyalty Club Card Program you must complete and submit the Loyalty Club Card form that will be available in all ONE stores nationwide.
  • Loyalty Club Card members will be entitled for 1 point on spending of every 100 rupees. 1 reward point is equal to Rs. 10 or 10%. The number of points you earn depends on the amount of your purchase.
  • Points will be awarded on full price articles only. Discounted articles will not fall under this Loyalty Club Card Program.
  • Once you fill and submit your Loyalty Club Card form at our store, your Loyalty Club Card can be collected from the same store after 10 days.
  • A customer can get only one Loyalty Club Card at a time. You are not entitled to apply for another Loyalty Club Card from ONE even if you make another purchase of Rs. 5000/- or more.
  • You cannot redeem or exchange your points for cash. You cannot sell or transfer your points to anyone.


What if I lose my Loyalty Club Card?

  • You can ask for a replacement of ONE Loyalty Club Card by sending us an email or visiting our stores. The replacement of card is a one time offer. However, for the second time you will have to register for the loyalty program again by purchasing goods worth Rs.5000/- or more from our store.


What else do I need to know?

  • The membership for the Reward program will be terminated if ONE Loyalty Club Card remains inactive for 2 years. We may discontinue our Loyalty Club Card Program at any time and it is at our sole discretion with no liability on you. If we do so. We will publish a notice on our website and/ or email you.
  • If you have any questions about ONE Loyalty Club Card Program or regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at loyalty@beoneshopone.com we would love to hear from you.